Technical Services

Our Technical Services Team is on hand to offer help and advice. We don’t think our expertise can be beaten. Here is a brief snapshot of our team:

Daniel Clayton – Technical Services Manager

Daniel has worked in the building materials sector for over 20 years, with international experience of ceramic, refractory, roofing, polymer, cement, aggregate, ready mix and concrete products. He has worked on diverse projects including the widening of the M25, radiation shielding for North Middlesex Hospital and containment units for the Pirbright Institute of Animal Health. Prior to joining ARDEX UK in 2016, Daniel spent 4 years working in Canada for a large construction material supplier, where he was responsible for R&D and Quality Control. During his time in Canada he sat on the technical committee for CSA A23 (Canadian concrete standard) and was a guest lecturer at universities for engineering undergraduates.


Darren Robinson – National Training and Development Manager

Darren has been in the industry since leaving school and started his career in the flooring sector. After setting up his own business, Darren joined the training and assessing side of the industry and holds NVQ level 1 & 2 and has an A1 assessor’s award. Darren joined ARDEX in 2014, working closely with complimentary manufacturers to deliver installation demonstrations across the UK.


Moray Anderson – Technical Services Representative

Moray started his career at ARDEX in 1988 having been a tiling contractor, mainly working on projects in London, which included the Bank of England and Harrods refurbishments. Moray works closely on the introduction of new products and their launch in to the market. He also works closely with accessory manufacturers to help develop the ARDEX brand. Moray also works with other ARDEX companies abroad and was involved in large tiling projects in the Middle East.


Colin Ward – Technical Services Representative

Having started his career in Civil Engineering, Colin has 42 years’ of experience in the industry and has worked with contractors, manufacturers, consultants and distributors across the UK and Middle East. Colin has been at ARDEX for 28 years offering in-depth knowledge to its clients and providing premium training and guidance for screeding, flooring installations and tiling.


Ian Lawton – Technical Services Representative

Ian began working in the flooring industry at the age of 18, gaining experience in the high end retail carpet sector, before joining a commercial flooring company, and sub-contracting for some of the largest companies in this field. Ian has built up extensive knowledge and experience by working on local and European projects, before joining ARDEX in 2002.