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The ARDEX Natural Stone Range

18th August 2016

Eliminating the Risks of Water Staining, Curling and Warping in Natural Stone Installations

Natural and agglomerated stones such as granite, marble and limestone are naturally durable materials that can last a lifetime. However, like any product, problems may occur if they are not installed properly.

The main issue associated with natural stone is determining whether the stone is moisture sensitive or not and, following that, using the correct products to fix it. In most instances natural stone tiles will not have a sensitivity to moisture, and non-specialist products can be used with confidence; however, using such products to fix moisture sensitive stone can lead to permanent defects in the finished result.

Typically occurring during the bedding and grouting process, moisture from traditional adhesives and grouts can migrate into the stone and cause discolouration, staining and even warping.

For tile fixers using moisture sensitive natural stone or agglomerated stone, or for those who are unsure, ARDEX has developed a system of products specifically designed to eliminate these problems, helping to ensure a risk free installation every time.

ARDEX natural stone products incorporate our unique ‘RAPIDRY FORMULA’ technology and ‘lock’ the mix water within the mortar, virtually eliminating the risk of water staining, curling and warping.


Microtec Natural Stone Wall and Floor Tile Adhesive

  • No admix required
  • Grout after 2 hours
  • 60 minute pot life


Microtec Semi-Pourable Natural Stone Floor Tile Adhesive

  • No admix required
  • Ideal for solid bed fixing large format floor tiles and slabs
  • Grout after 2 hours
  • 60 minute pot life


Marble and Natural Stone Tile Grout

  • Walkable after 90 minutes
  • For tile joints up to 8mm
  • Available in 5 colours


Elastic Silicone Sealant

  • Excellent resistance to weather, UV-radiation and commonly used cleaning chemicals and disinfectants
  • Contains fungicide to combat mould growth
  • Available in 13 colours and Transparent