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Self-Levelling Compound


Self-Levelling Compound

  • Offering market leading levelling compounds with unique application benefits that virtually eliminate installation risk
Self levelling compound over old bitumen residue floor without the need to prime

Self-Levelling Compound

ARDEX self-levelling and smoothing compounds ensure a flat and level subfloor that’s essential for a successful floorcovering installation. ARDEX manufacture a range of award-winning latex and water-based smoothing and self-levelling compounds for internal and external use. Rapid setting and quick-drying properties ensure the floor can be walked on in as little as 1 hour ensuring overnight and even same-day turnarounds.

For problem floors, especially on refurbishment projects, ARDITEX NA Latex-Based Levelling and Smoothing Compound provides the ultimate solution. Providing excellent adhesion to almost all substrates without the need to prime, including flooring grade plywood, ceramic tiles, steel, and even over old bitumen adhesive residue.

If you are working on new flooring, ARDITEX CL Latex Levelling and Smoothing Compound is ideal for new build projects. with excellent flow, it’s walkable in 2 hours and can receive most floorcoverings in as little as 12 hours.

If you’re working alone, the extended working time of ARDEX K 39 High Flow Self Levelling Compound means fresh mixes can be easily smoothed into existing pre-applied material up to 40 minutes after application, giving you more time to create the perfect floor with no trowel marks, ridges, joint marks or additional preparation the next day.