The ARDEX Purpose and Values

Passionately Innovating Responsible Building Solutions

The ARDEX Purpose and Values

The ARDEX Purpose and Values

What do the people of the ARDEX Group strive for, and what motivates them every day to deliver excellence to our customers?

A “common why” strengthens us, it encourages meaningful work and ultimately, it creates the best possible team and customer experience. That is why we have a purpose. It guides us in everything we do:

Passionately Innovating Responsible Building Solutions

And it truly encompasses what ARDEX stands for.

  • Passion for the work we do, our relationships and products.
  • Innovation has been our catalyst from the beginning, and not just in our products, but also technologies and processes.
  • Responsibility has become exceptionally important, for everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by our work, and for our planet.
  • And developing building solutions, rather than just products, to make our customers’ lives a little easier.

But having a purpose is not enough. ARDEX developed values that bring our purpose to life and that guide our everyday actions. They represent what we stand for today and will continue to grow into in the future.

The ARDEX Values

To fuel passion means to be ambitious, master your craft and to make things happen.

To drive innovation means to aim for the extraordinary, foster collaboration, to execute and follow through.

To embody integrity means setting high standard, being open and honest and encouraging feedback.

To embrace responsibility means to take ownership, anticipate needs and changes and, manage your footprint.

To build belonging means to be truly caring, lift others up, and to create team spirit.