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Floor Screeds


Floor Screeds

  • ARDEX floor screeds are walkable from only 3 hours, and can receive floorcoverings from as little as 4 hours.
  • Perfect for bonded, unbounded and floating screeds incorporating underfloor heating.
Floor screed application

Floor Screeds

Traditional screeds can take months to dry, ARDEX screeds can receive floorcoverings from as little as 4 hours, regardless of thickness.

Rapid Drying, Minimum Shrinkage, Rapid Strength

ARDEX Fast Track Screed Cements incorporate ‘RAPIDRY FORMULA’ Technology, binding the water used for mixing within the cement, ensuring rapid drying, minimum shrinkage and rapid strength development, regardless of thickness. In addition, all ARDEX products perform in typical UK site conditions, and offer the following fast track benefits over traditional screeds:

  • The screeded area can be walked on in hours, as opposed to the 7 days that traditional screeds require as per BS 8204
  • Floorcoverings can be installed in as little as 4 hours, compared to the months of drying a traditional screed may require
  • ARDEX Screeds will pass a BRE Screed test in as little as 6 hours, rather than 2 weeks with conventional screeds

Ultra rapid drying screed that’s walkable in only 3 hours, receives ceramic or stone tiles from 4 hours and resilient floorcoverings from just 48 hours. For both internal and external locations.

Outstanding performance at an economical 1 part cement to 7 parts sand mix, and can still receive tiles from 24 hours and flooring from only 7 days.

Quick drying, flowable Calcium Sulphate screed – drys twice as fast as standard Calcium Sulphate screeds!