Introducing FlowPlus – the revolutionary all-in-one liquid cement screed additive

19th February 2024

ARDEX is delighted to announce the launch of FlowPlus in the UK, an innovative all-in-one liquid cement screed additive.

Working in partnership with Knopp GmbH, an ARDEX group company, and leaders in cement and screed additives, we’re excited to introduce FlowPlus to the UK market. FlowPlus has been a proven success in Europe for over 12 years and incorporates Knopp’s industry-leading admixture expertise and innovative technologies optimised for the British market.

FlowPlus Liquid Cement Screed over UFH Pipes

The FlowPlus liquid additive has been carefully designed to contain all the necessary components to deliver exceptional screed performance. Mixed with your local aggregates, cements and fillers, FlowPlus produces a superior flowing screed that ensures fast installation, excellent workability and a smooth finish. It’s ideal for mobile batching plants such as TransMix or Bremat trucks, or for mixing at batching plants for delivery by ready-mix trucks.

With extended working times of up to 2 hours, FlowPlus allows screed installers to achieve flawless SR1 levels and very low shrinkage of 300-500μm/m. You can also expect excellent productivity with a 3-man crew able to lay up to 1000m2 in a single day, and the screed can also fully encapsulate UFH pipes for improved thermal conductivity.

FlowPlus also gets top marks for sustainability and is formulated from responsibly sourced raw materials to achieve an A+ rating and extremely low VOCs to ISO 16000 standard. Minimal laitance and dust formation means less waste and less post-installation treatment, plus there’s no need for post-curing under standard conditions.

ARDEX offers full FlowPlus support with bespoke mix designs based on your local supply chain, on-site flow and density testing and aftercare advice. Unlock the next generation of screeds with FlowPlus. Call 01440 714939 today to find out more.

Liquid Cement Screed

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