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ARDITEX CL PLUS+ GivBax Double Points Promotion


Terms & Conditions:

Get double points on your first purchase of ARDITEX CL PLUS+, up to a maximum of 200 points, worth £20 cash.  To claim, simply upload a receipt to GivBax containing the product specified and double points will be awarded once the receipt/invoice claim has been authorised.

The maximum number of bonus points that can be awarded is 200 points per user.

Double points are only awarded on your first authorised receipt containing ARDITEX CL PLUS+ and will not be awarded for second, third, or any subsequent repeat purchases of the product.

Four points are currently awarded for every unit of ARDITEX CL PLUS+ purchased.  For your first claim of up to 50 units, this will be doubled to eight points per unit. If you purchase 50 units, that’s 400 points in total (200 standard points and 200 bonus points), worth £40 cash.

Please note that one unit consists of two parts: ARDITEX CL PLUS+ powder and ARDITEX CL PLUS+ latex.

All claims for double points will be verified before being awarded and fraudulent claims will not be processed.

This promotion is only available to GivBax members and is subject to our full terms and conditions which you can find here.

If you have any questions relating to this promotion, please contact the GivBax Customer Service Team on loyalty@givbax-rewards.com

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