1920s styling meets 21st century flooring

ARDEX styles 1920’s Barber Shop

PANDOMO LOFT pushed the boundaries of traditional floor design, offering the ability to produce intricate designs, coupled with a hard wearing finish

ARDEX styles 1920’s Barber Shop

The Old Town Barber Club recently opened its doors to the gentlemen of Dunfermline.  Offering a truly unique experience, the 1920’s New York inspired salon is filled with old oak panelling, big leather chairs and intricate hexagonal-patterned flooring.  This classic styling blends seamlessly with its surroundings in the ancient capital of Scotland.

Familiar with pushing the boundaries of traditional floor design, ArtStone Projects was the chosen contractor in charge of designing and applying this distinctive floor.  The father and son team produce seamless floors in a variety of modern and traditional finishes, and with one half of the team an experienced fine artist and the other a trained architect, ArtStone has an exceptional ability to create and produce outstanding floors.  In order to deliver the refit of the floor, ArtStone chose PanDOMO Loft by ARDEX, a decorative, seamless and very hard wearing finished surface for floors.

James Liversedge, Director of ArtStone Projects explained “This job had been on our drawing board for a while.  The floor design had been developed and finalised but we needed to find the right product which would allow us to recreate it as a fit-for-purpose floor, without losing any of its impact and originality.”

“We were scheduled to attend training at ARDEX’s headquarters in Germany, and while there we were offered a micro-training session to perfect the technique needed to deliver this floor design with PanDOMO Loft.  We received such great guidance over the two days, that after returning home we immediately began work on the Old Town Barber Club project.”

Adrian Ashby, Business Development Manager of PanDOMO commented “ArtStone are not just designers but applicators too.  They knew that this floor design could be executed, they just needed the right product and guidance to ensure it was executed with perfection.  Clear lines and definition between the different colours was fundamental to ensure the hexagonal pattern retained its visual impact, as well as the durability to withstand the daily impact of a busy barber shop.”  James continued “The project was completed in only six days because PanDOMO Loft reached the correct level of hardness to polish it the very next day after application.  This project would have taken twice as long if other products on the market had been used.”

“Its resistance to wear and tear also makes it the perfect fit for a barber shop, with heavy footfall six days a week, big metal chairs scraping across the floor and chemicals constantly being used. PanDOMO Loft can withstand continual stress, wear and strain ensuring the impact of the design is maintained for years to come.  The product is also designed to blend into an area without being too dominant or interfering, so despite it being an intricate pattern its fit with the room was fantastic.  All we had to do was finish it off with a scratch float to give it an antique finish for the 1920’s theme.”

Adrian concluded: “PanDOMO Loft’s durability and seamlessness, paired with the exceptional skill of ArtStone Projects created a partnership which challenged the conventions of traditional flooring design.  The client was so pleased with the results that the Dunfermline salon is set to be the flagship store in a series of Old Town Barber Clubs.”